Your Complete Guide to Residential Plumbing Services

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When you own a home, you want to make sure that everything is working at its best. This means that it is your responsibility to hire a professional plumber when something goes wrong with your residential plumbing system.

What are the two main kinds of plumbing services?

There are two main types of plumbing available in the market today. These two types can be broken down into specific types. In this article we will just focus on Residential Plumbing and the common problems encountered.

Residential plumbing

This type of plumbing is a form of plumbing that serves a single family home. It usually consists of copper or PEX piping, fittings, and valves commonly sold at hardware stores. Residential plumbing is designed to supply water to fixtures (faucets and toilets) throughout a residence.

Commercial plumbing

This type of plumbing is a series of products, materials and processes involved in the installation of sanitation equipment for use by the public. Commercial plumbing is often solicited by property owners and managers. These are typically for construction projects or renovations, though smaller projects may be handled by a single plumber.

Common Residential Plumbing Problems

Residential plumbing can be tricky, especially if you aren’t sure how to handle every situation in your home. You should always call for help when it comes to your plumbing system because they can lead to big issues if they break down. Here are some common problems and services that will require you to call for help and some tips for trying to do some of it yourself.

Faucet Repairs

If you have a leaky faucet, it may be time to call in the professionals. The same goes if you want to fix the faucet yourself but don’t feel comfortable doing so. But before you give up and call for help, consider these steps.

To repair most dripping faucets, first shut off both the hot and cold water supplies at either side of your home’s sink or tub. Turn their respective valves clockwise until they stop. Then remove any screws holding together the handle along with any decorative cap covering its stem. You can usually find one at Home Depot. 

Next, loosen all three or four bolts attaching that part of your faucet assembly with a wrench. 

Once they’re loose enough so they can be turned by hand without tools. This could take some trial-and-error. Simply turn them counterclockwise as far as possible until no further movement is possible without breaking anything. This will ensure against cross-threading when reassembling everything later on. 

Finally unscrew all four nuts on top where there are two screws for each nut. These will allow us access inside where we’ll be able to fix whatever’s causing our leaking problem quickly and easily.

faucet repair

Toilet Repair

Toilets, also known as “bogs,” are the most common water-using fixtures in your home. A toilet can be either a flush (low flow) tank type or a gravity (non-flush) tank type. The flushing mechanism is powered by gravity when you pull down the lever or push on a button. It uses the pressure of stored water to wash away waste from inside your bowl through an internal piping system called an “S” trap. 

This mechanism allows liquid wastes to flow down through the pipe. Air remains trapped above it due to some physical barrier. This prevents liquid from traveling up toward all that air so that nobody falls in.

If your toilet doesn’t flush properly, check for these signs:

  • Flushing sounds like more than one flush has occurred
  • There’s water pooling in your bowl after flushing
  • You hear gurgling noises coming from inside the tank

Drain Repair

When a drain is clogged, the first step to repair is to clean out the drain. It may be that you need to remove the drain stopper and clean it by hand with a little soap and water.

If this doesn’t work, there are other methods of unclogging your drains. One way is to use a chemical drain cleaner, which you can find at any hardware store or home supply store. 

Read the instructions carefully before using any chemical cleaner as they can be dangerous if used incorrectly. Also make sure that whatever method you choose will not damage your pipes (i.e., don’t put hot water into an overflow pipe).

If these methods do not work, then call in an expert who can bring in heavy machinery such as augers or snaking devices that will go through your pipes from outside or inside depending on where they are located. This should clear up even some of the most stubborn clogs!

Bathtub and Shower Repair

Bathtub and shower repair is the most common plumbing problem in the home. Some homeowners make their own repairs. 

We recommend calling the pros for these services as these can be connected to the heating system and dealing with them yourself could potentially be life threatening. If you’re not comfortable with that, a professional can help. They repair bathtubs and showers of all types. From materials made from stone or ceramic—to installations and repair of shower stalls and water heaters.

Sink Installations

Sinks are easy to install and come in a variety of sizes, shapes and materials. You can choose from sink materials like stainless steel, cast iron or ceramic. The shape of your sink will be determined by the type of faucet you purchase and how much space you want to leave for your dishes. Sinks can also be made from various colors ranging from white to black.

Each type of sink has its own installation instructions that should be followed carefully so that you get the best results possible when installing it in your home or business establishment. 

First find out the measurements for the space where you will install your sink. Then purchase the sink that will fit in that space. Choose either a stand alone sink or one that has a base in the bottom. Attach the pipes to the sink and make sure it’s secured very well before turning the water on. If you have any doubts about whether or not you have what it takes to install the new sink yourself then do not hesitate in calling an expert plumber who will be able to help with this job rather than taking on more than what is required by DIY guides.

Water Heater Repair

If you have an older water heater that is constantly tripping the circuit breaker, or if it has been broken for some time and needs to be repaired immediately, call a professional plumber. If your water heater does not work at all, this could affect other parts of your home as well. Water heaters can be expensive to replace, so it is important to diagnose the problem and get it fixed before anything else happens.

If your water heater seems clogged when using hot water in the shower or bathtub (or if there isn’t any hot water at all), call someone who works with residential plumbing services immediately. It may just need some maintenance or cleaning work done on it in order for things like this issue not to happen again in future. Don’t wait around until later tonight before deciding whether or not someone needs,

water heater repair

It is important to call for a residential plumbing technician to repair things in your home that you are not able to do on your own

After all, it is better to avoid the danger of trying to fix something yourself and then finding out that you have been doing more damage than good.

If you can’t afford to pay for a professional plumber right now, then consider calling one anyway and explaining your situation. They may be willing to give you a break on their prices or they may be able to refer someone who will work with you financially. They also might be able to offer other solutions or payment plans to make it easier for you. 

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There are many reasons why you may need to call a plumbing professional for your residential plumbing solutions. There are also many ways that you could attempt doing them yourself. However, without enough training you could end up damaging your plumbing and end up spending more.

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