Safest Neighborhoods to live in Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas, Nevada


With the growth and development of Las Vegas, the city makes an intriguing, exhilarating place to live. Every neighborhood has a different vibe, which is part of what makes living in Las Vegas so great. However, it’s also significant to know what are the most secure Las Vegas neighborhoods for your security. If you’re thinking of moving to Las Vegas or are just curious about which neighborhoods are the safest, keep reading. In this blog post, we’ll cover the safest neighborhoods to live in Las Vegas according to crime rates.

The Safest Neighborhoods In Las Vegas

Tule Springs

$253,160 median home price, $1,305 median rent. Safer than 88% of Las Vegas neighborhoods. Perfect for Singles, Young Professionals, Families, and Retirees. 

Tule Springs is a safe, affordable neighborhood in Northwest Las Vegas off US-95. Tule Springs offers residents plenty of outdoor amenities, including Floyd Lamb Park, hiking trails, fossil beds, and the neighborhood’s namesake springs. Renters can choose from townhomes and Spanish Colonial properties, while buyers can find new construction.

Tule Springs Las Vegas, Nevada


Tule Springs Fossil Beds National Monument has a mammoth, ground sloth, and other large animal fossils. Las Vegas’ 21-building Tule Springs Ranch offers historic ranch-style living. Gilcrease Nature Sanctuary is home to exotic and domestic animals, from toucans to tortoises. Omelette Cafe serves breakfast skillets and omelettes like Nonnas Apple Pie and Ham I Am. Gourmet China serves Emperor’s Chicken and Crispy Royal Prawns. Or try Island Flavors’ Kalua Pig & Cabbage.

Island Flavors Las Vegas, Nevada


The Price of a Home: the median purchase price is $426,138. The median monthly cost of rent is $1,416. Rate of Criminal Activity: Lower than 98 Percent of Cities in Nevada. This area ranks higher than 93% of all other areas in terms of livability.

Anthem is a community in the city of Henderson, Nevada, and it has a total population of 13,035. Anthem can be found in a variety of locations across Clark County. The vast majority of people who live in Anthem own their own homes, which contributes to the community’s laid-back yet urban feel.

Anthem is 93 percent more livable than the neighborhoods that are immediately adjacent to it in Vegas. This section of Las Vegas is 98% less likely to have violent crime occur than the rest of the city. According to the research findings, the typical monthly rent in the area is $1,416, and the median sales price for a home in the area is $426,138.

Anthem Las Vegas, Nevada

Paradise Hills

The Price of a Home: The Median Purchase Price Is $250,033. The rent is a median of $1,565 per month. Better than ninety percent of the cities in Nevada when it comes to the crime rate. Rank in terms of livability: ranks higher than 95 percent of all places.

In the city of Henderson, Nevada, you’ll find the community known as Paradise Hills, which has a total population of 15,576 people. The town of Paradise Hills is located in Clark County. The vast majority of people who live in Paradise Hills own their own houses, which contributes to the community’s laid-back yet metropolitan atmosphere.

When compared to the other communities in Las Vegas, Paradise Hills has a 95 percent higher overall livability rating. This neighborhood is ninety percent safer than the other neighborhoods in the immediate area. According to the available data, the region has a median price of $250,033 for a property, while the average monthly rent is $1,565.

Paradise Hills Las Vegas, Nevada

Sun City Summerlin

The Price of a Home: The Median Purchase Price Is $228,717. The typical monthly cost of rent is $1,124. Comparatively less dangerous than 89 percent of cities in Nevada. This location ranks higher than 93% of all other areas in terms of livability.

This 55+ active-adult retirement complex of 13,000 inhabitants was created by the Del Webb Corporation in 1989. It’s one of the nicest adult communities in the nation, with vistas of the Las Vegas Strip and mountains. Sun City Summerlin residents enjoy shopping, tree-lined streets, top-notch restaurants, casinos, resorts, and spas. This community has more amenities than any other in the state.

Sun City Summerlin is 33% more liveable than other Las Vegas communities. This neighborhood is 91% safer than others nearby. The median home price is $228,717, and the average rent is $1,124.

Sun City Summerlin Las Vegas, Nevada

McCullough Hills

Price of a Home: $252,300 is the Median Purchase Price. The rent is a median of $1,149 per month. The overall crime rate is lower than 88 percent in Nevada cities. Positioned higher than 94% of the world’s regions in terms of livability.

A neighborhood in Henderson, Nevada known as McCullough Hills, has a total population of 21,482 people. McCullough Hills, which is found in Clark County, is regarded as having one of the highest quality living environments in all of Nevada.

Residents of McCullough Hills, the vast majority of whom are homeowners, take pleasure in the neighborhood’s densely packed suburban atmosphere. The McCullough Hills is home to a number of different parks. People in McCullough Hills tend to have moderate political views, as the neighborhood is home to a large number of families as well as young professionals. The public schools in McCullough Hills are significantly better than the state average.

When compared to other Las Vegas communities, McCullough Hills has a 94 percent higher rating for its overall livability. This section of the city is 88% less dangerous than the rest of the city as a whole. According to the available data, the typical purchase price of a home in this region is 252,300 dollars, while the typical monthly rent is 1,149 dollars.

McCullough Hills Las Vegas, Nevada

Sheep Mountain

Price of a Home: The Median Purchase Price Is $266,047. The typical monthly cost of rent is $1,584. It has a lower crime rate than 81 percent of the cities in Nevada, and it ranks higher than 39 percent of the areas in terms of livability.

Sheep Mountain in northwest Las Vegas is great for little families. This neighborhood offers quick interstate access, stunning mountain views, and a semi-rural atmosphere.

Residents sometimes walk their pets in neighborhood parks or browse yard sales. Sheep Mountain has many parks. This cheap neighborhood boasts great schools for all ages. If you reside near the main plazas, grocery stores and retailers are walkable.

Sheep Mountain is 39% livelier than comparable Las Vegas communities. This neighborhood is 81% safer than others. The median home price is $266,047, and the median rent is $1,584.

Sheep Mountain Las Vegas, Nevada

Green Valley Ranch

Home Cost: The median buying price of a home is $302,380. The average cost of rent is $1,555 per month. The overall crime rate is lower than that of 75% of Nevada cities. Rank in terms of livability: ranks higher than 96% of the locations analyzed.

Henderson’s Green Valley Ranch has 19,956 residents. Green Valley Ranch is a beautiful spot to live in Clark County, Nevada.

The majority of Green Valley Ranch homeowners own their houses. Green Valley Ranch has parks. Green Valley Ranch has many families and young professionals. Above-average schools serve Green Valley Ranch.

This Las Vegas area is 96% more livable than others. This neighborhood is 75% safer than the city. The area’s median home price is $302,380, and the average rent is $1,555.

Green Valley Ranch Las Vegas, Nevada

How big is the Las Vegas police?

In general, Las Vegas has a well-deserved reputation for having a low crime rate. In addition to the Metropolitan Police Department of the City of Las Vegas, we also have the Clark County Sheriff’s Department, the Police Department of Henderson, and the Police Department of North Las Vegas. Residents enjoy video doorbells and cameras. Neighbors tend to watch out for one another.

The city of Las Vegas serves as the location for the headquarters of the Southern Nevada Highway Patrol. In addition to its municipal and county police departments, Las Vegas is home to a sizable and vigilant private security force that patrols the city’s hotels and casinos around the clock.

Crime on the Las Vegas Strip

The pandemic transformed the Strip’s crime. When Las Vegas reopened, lodging rates were $25-$50. Las Vegas visitors have become more violent and disruptive. Room rates were raised and more security was deployed to fix the problem.

Sometimes California gangs cause trouble. Sin City’s nickname makes some think crime is OK. Experts monitor Las Vegas’s billion security cameras 24/7. Facial recognition programs in casinos often catch national fugitives.

Las Vegas is proud to have an HSTD. Homeland Security trains hotel and hospitality employees regularly. Hotel employees that are alert and educated make the city safer.

From management to valet parking personnel, hotels learn to see red flags. Guns must be checked with hotel security. Every hotel employee hunts for violations, and rooms are checked daily.

Parking lots and dark alleys are hotspots for crime along the Strip. You’re safe in well-lit, populated regions. Drunk and alone is risky. Ask security to escort you to your car or hotel after winning a significant prize.

What it’s like to live in the Las Vegas strip

Living on the Las Vegas Strip offers residents an interesting and convenient lifestyle. The “safety first” philosophy was taken into consideration throughout the planning and construction of the luxurious high-rise residences located off Las Vegas Boulevard.

When you factor in the presence of private roaming guards and security cameras, life on the Las Vegas Strip becomes rather desirable. The safety of the residents is increased by features such as gated parking lots, concierge services, and valet parking.

The Las Vegas Strip is a safe place to walk, despite the fact that it may get very crowded at night and on the weekends. Along the sidewalks, thick green pylons are installed at regular intervals to protect people from being run over by cars.

It is not necessary to traverse the congested crossroads because there are escalators that lead to pedestrian bridges. On the Las Vegas Strip, there are hardly any opportunities for people to be hurt by motor vehicles.

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