Slab Leaks

Slab leaks are a serious plumbing problem that can cause water damage to your home and foundation. If you have a slab leak, it can cost you more if you don’t have it repaired right away. These leaks are extremely common in older homes and occur in the basement or crawlspace. Slab leaks can go undetected for a long time before the problems become visible. This allows for extensive water damage to occur before the issue is discovered. The longer a leak goes unnoticed and unrepaired, the worse and more costly the problem will be.

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Slab Leak Detection

Slab leaks are a serious plumbing problem that can cause water damage to your home and foundation

A slab leak happens when there is a break in the pipe underneath the concrete floor of your home. When this happens, it will cause moisture to get into the ceiling space above, which can lead to mold growth and structural damage to your home.

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The best way for us to fix this problem is by repairing any cracks or holes in the concrete with waterproofing materials that help prevent water from getting underneath your slab floor again.

Slab leaks can cause serious damage to your home, so if you’re experiencing them, it’s best to call us right away. Water damage can be one of the most expensive types of damage anyone can experience if not dealt with right away. Water has a way of finding its way into every nook and cranny, even when there are no visible signs of water anywhere else in the house.

Our process for finding and fixing your Slab Leaks

Finding the slab leak is probably the most important part of the job, as well as being one of the most difficult parts. If you don’t find the slab leak, it will only continue to grow, causing more damage to your home and making it harder for us to fix it later on.

We will check all the possible sources of the leaks as thoroughly as we can.

Once we have found where they are leaking from, we will begin repairing them by digging them up and replacing them with new ones.
This step takes longer than finding where they are leaking because there are several steps involved in this process before we can even start digging up concrete slabs. We might need to obtain permits depending on where you live.

We will test the leaks after everything has been fixed together. We will test out whether or not those cracks have been completely repaired or not so if any spot needs further fixes then we’ll go ahead and do so until everything works fine again.

We will begin cleaning up. This is important because if left uncleaned it can cause new problems such as mold growth which could be toxic to you or anyone else in the household.

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Our team of experts has the experience and knowledge to repair your slab leak properly, and we’ll provide you with a free estimate.

Our team of professionals will work together to determine the cause of your slab leak, find the best solution for repairing it and keep you informed each step of the way.

If you have a slab leak in your home, call (702) 788-2513 today for more information about how we can help you. Our team will come out to your Las Vegas area home and perform a thorough inspection of the problem. We pride ourselves on being the best in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Frequently Asked Questions

If your garbage disposal is not working, there are a few things you can do to fix it yourself. First, determine whether the jam is in the disposal or in the pipe. If there is no power going to the disposal, then the problem is likely in the pipe. If there is power going to the disposal but it’s not working, then you may have to replace parts.

The first thing you should do when attempting to repair a garbage disposal jam is turn off the power at the breaker box. Then remove any large items that may be obstructing your unit from functioning properly: cups, large utensils, etc. Once these items are out of the way, turn on your faucet and let the water run through your pipes for about 10 minutes so that they’re flushed out thoroughly before trying again with your garbage disposal (or vice versa).

If none of these steps work for you, contact an electrician or plumber for professional help.

Here are some steps to repair a leaking garbage disposal unit:

  1. Turn off the power: Turn off the power supply to the garbage disposal unit to avoid electrical shock.
  2. Locate the source of the leak: Look under the sink and try to determine where the leak is coming from.
  3. Tighten loose connections: If the leak is coming from a loose connection, tighten any screws or nuts to secure the connection.
  4. Replace a damaged gasket or seal: If the leak is coming from a damaged gasket or seal, replace it with a new one.
  5. Check the disposal unit itself: If the leak is coming from the disposal unit itself, inspect it for cracks or damage. If the unit is damaged, it may need to be replaced.
  6. Turn the power back on: After making repairs, turn the power supply back on and test the disposal for leaks.

If you are not confident in your ability to repair a leak, it may be best to consult a professional plumber to avoid causing further damage to your disposal or plumbing.

  1. Check the power source: Make sure the disposal is properly plugged in and the outlet has power. If it’s hardwired, check the circuit breaker or fuse.
  2. Reset the disposal: Locate the red or black reset button located near the base of the unit and press it.
  3. Clear jam: If the disposal is jammed with food or other debris, turn off the power and use a wrench or pliers to manually turn the blades to clear the jam.
  4. Replace the fuse or reset the circuit breaker if tripped.
  5. Check the switch: If the disposal still won’t turn on, the switch may be faulty. Locate the switch near the sink and test it with a multimeter to see if it’s working properly.

If none of these steps work, the problem may be with the motor or other internal components, and you may need to replace the disposal or call a professional for repair.

The cost of repairing a garbage disposal can vary depending on several factors such as the type of repair needed, the brand and model of the disposal, and the location. On average, the cost of repairing a garbage disposal can range from $100 to $400, with a more comprehensive repair being closer to the higher end of that range. It’s always best to consult a professional plumber for a more accurate estimate.

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