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Drain cleaning in Las Vegas

Over time, the average drain will be forced to handle a wide range of waste.

These waste materials will build up over time until they clog your drains, causing them to run slower and slower until they cease entirely.

When this occurs, call on Call of Dooty for a safe, successful, and high-quality drain cleaning solution. Our team of experts will work quickly and efficiently to clear any blockages in your drains, returning them to their optimal state.

We understand the importance of your drains, and we’ll work hard to get them flowing again.

Don't let your drains become a pain

If you don’t notice the symptoms of a clogged drain, it may not appear to be a big deal. However, you should have it cleaned right away if possible.

Drains might need to be professionally cleaned for various reasons apart from being blocked.

A sewer stench is usually caused by a broken sewage pipe or an issue with the ventilation system.

If you detect a foul odor emanating from your drains, it’s possible that one of them has been blocked.

Drain cleaning by Call of Dooty
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Clogged Toilet

There are 28 million clogged American toilets per month!

A toilet clogging happens to all of us. But not all clogged toilets are the same.

We realize that one mistake may have costly consequences for your plumbing, which is why our procedures for unclogging a toilet are made to be safe and effective.

If your toilet keeps clogging, this is a sign of a sewer line clog. If ignored, it will result in unnecessary damage to your home’s plumbing system.

If you’re unsure whether or not your clogged toilet may be a symptom of a larger issue, give us a call!

Garbage disposal cleaning

A functioning garbage disposal will make doing the dishes a lot easier.

It will also keep extra compost out of your kitchen trash, where it generates unpleasant odors as it decomposes much, too any problems.

There are many potential causes for your garbage disposal to clog over time but one of the main culprits are too much food in the system. 

If your sink is overflowing with water or draining slowly despite a functioning disposer, you likely have a clog in the drain rather than a disposal issue.

If you suspect that your garbage disposal is not working due to build up of food debris or if your drain might be clogged, give Call of Dooty a call!

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