Fun facts about Las Vegas Nevada

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Las Vegas is known for being a city of fun and excitement. Here are some fun facts about Las Vegas Nevada that you may not have known. Did you know, for example, that the Strip is actually 4.2 miles long? Or that there are more than 150 wedding chapels in the city? Keep reading to learn more about Sin City!

14 Fun Facts About Las Vegas Nevada

The oldest casino in Las Vegas

Las Vegas’ hotels and casinos are amazing. Fremont Street’s Golden Gate Hotel and Casino is the city’s oldest. The hotel opened in 1906 on land purchased in 1905, making it over 100 years old. Between 1910 and 1931, gambling was illegal at the hotel.

Las Vegas Nevada Fremont Street's Golden Gate Hotel and Casino

Seventh busiest airport

McCarran is the seventh busiest airport in the US. McCarran sees 22 million passengers annually. Paradise, Nevada, not Las Vegas, has the airport. You wouldn’t know it from the airport’s “Welcome to Las Vegas” sign, slot machines, and other Vegas imagery.

The gambling capital of the world

One of the facts about Las Vegas is that it’s a gambling capital. However, It’s not the world’s gambling capital anymore. Despite holding the title until 2007, Macau is now known as the world’s gambling capital.

The Las Vegas Strip

Las Vegas’ famous strip isn’t even in Las Vegas. The strip is in Winchester and Paradise, both in Clark County. The area is in the middle of what tourists know as Las Vegas.

The Las Vegas Strip

Slot Machines

Las Vegas, Nevada, has about 164,000 slot machines, or one for every four residents. Red Rock Casino has the most slot machines in Las Vegas, but most casinos have them.

Abandoned city

The majority of Las Vegas’ water comes from Lake Mead. A ghost town lies under Lake Mead. In the 1930s, the US government asked St. Thomas residents to leave so they could flood the area. The town was submerged in a lake after the residents left, not demolished.

The Las Vegas St. Thomas Lake Mead

Nevada’s first National Conservation Area

Red Rock Canyon National Park is 20 minutes from Las Vegas Boulevard and was Nevada’s first conservation area. Red Rock Canyon is one of the most beautiful national parks in the U.S.

Red Rock Canyon National Park

42 million visitors annually

Las Vegas is a popular tourist destination with millions of annual visitors. Las Vegas saw 42 million visitors in 2019. Due to the pandemic, visitor numbers dropped in 2020 and 2021, but they should rise again soon.

World’s second-largest hotel

Being a tourist mecca, Las Vegas has some of the world’s biggest hotels. The Venetian is the second-largest hotel, and the MGM Grand is third. All but one of the 12 US hotels in the top 20 worldwide are in Las Vegas.

MGM Grand

150,000 hotel rooms

In the U.S., Las Vegas Valley has the most hotel rooms. Sin City has 150,000 hotel rooms and 11 of the world’s largest hotels. Earnings from these rooms are a big revenue driver in Vegas. Earnings from casinos, dining, and shopping are also big.

300 weddings are held per day

Las Vegas is a popular elopement destination. It’s also a popular wedding destination. 120,000 weddings a year, or 300 per day, result. The Las Vegas wedding industry earns $2 billion a year from chapel weddings to lavish celebrations.

World’s largest gold nugget

Vegas’ Golden Nugget Hotel has the world’s largest gold nugget. Australia’s Hand of Faith Golden Nugget weighs 61 pounds. It’s also the second-largest ever discovered. Seeing the gold nugget is one of many free Las Vegas activities.

Paris Hotel’s Eiffel Tower

The Paris Hotel’s Eiffel Tower replica is half the size of the original. Not planned. Developers wanted a scaled-down tower. At this height, the structure would have been a danger to planes flying into and out of McCarran International Airport.

Paris Hotel's Eiffel Tower Las Vegas

World’s best theaters

A respected trade publication named Symphony Park’s Smith Center for the Performing Arts, is one of the world’s top ten theaters. It hosts theater, dance, and concert performances. The Smith Center in Las Vegas hosts 400 performances a year.

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